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>>>> Download Doc's lorez "Magic Box" prop HERE!  (5K ZIP file)
The ZIP file has 2 files in it: a Poser Prop file (*.pp)
and a thumbnail file (*.png) for the library.  Unzip to any
folder in your props library.

Poser is not just for people ...
Here's an example of what one very talented person has done using Dr Geep's Scale (DGS).

And ... the finished product after many long hours of hard work.

Statement by the artist - cherokee69 - aka Stan

"This is a project I had started back in March 2005. Been working on it part time ever since. I used old photos and measurements from the actual house..which I currently live in. It's a model of my grandparents home as it was in the 1940's when I mother was a child growing up there. It's built piece by piece as a real house would be. All doors and windows open and are rigged. It started out in Poser 4 and was finished in Poser 6. It's all done in Poser using Poser primatives and Doc Geeps Magic Box and Doc Geeps Scale (DGS). It's all Poser except for the rocking chair from Sams3D and the bushes and Infinity Cove from RDNA.

Hope you enjoy and as Doc Geeps say's 'All things are possible in Poser'."

note - underlines added by Doc.

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